The Wright House Wedding / Vanessa + Josh / Good Eye Photography

December 5, 2018

The Wright House Wedding // Vanessa + Josh


We had an amazing weekend with Vanessa + Josh at The Wright House Wedding! We absolutely had a blast every minute of the day! Their friends and families gathered on a beautiful October afternoon in Phoenix Arizona to celebrate their special day. Here is little bit about how Vanessa + Josh met in their words…

Meeting Vanessa
I was a freshman at GCU and had joined the Friends of the Pen club. One night I missed the meeting, but everyone always had dinner at Thunder Alley afterwards. I slipped in and Luke Amargo calls me over and sits me down next to a lovely young lady. I didn’t know it then, but it was the start of a love story.

Vanessa was trying to woo me from the beginning, but we were friends first, and to this day I cherish those months getting to know her: the long talks on philosophy, psychology, generally nerdy topics, and watching the entire series of Avatar the Last Airbender under a tree…it was magical. For four years Vanessa has been my support, networking & brainstorming buddy, and best friend. So, the day I asked her to marry me was odd because we already knew where we were headed. I tried to keep the exact moment low key, but Vanessa has more of a flare for theatrics – something I love about her. I brought her back to the tree where we first kissed, shared my heart, and knew it would be filled with love for a lifetime.

Meeting Josh
Luke had been asking me to visit his writing club for two years, and I finally took him up on his offer September 18 of my junior year. After the meeting we went out to the university food court where Luke invited a handsome young man to sit with us. We sparked up a conversation, and after he mentioned the three AP classes he took in high school, I knew (did not woo) I would marry him.

Since that Thursday, Josh has been my best friend and all of the above, so when I found out he never watched the adventures of Aang and Team Avatar, things needed to be rectified. As I introduced him to my world, he impressed me with his yo-yo tricks and Rubik’s cube skills on the fire escape, and of course I fell in love. When the day came for him to ask for my hand I was a little anxious since I had been “patiently” waiting for three years. The moment was absolutely perfect and I can’t wait to have a lifetime filled with more like it.





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