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December 6, 2018

 Cynthia + Chuy’s Santiago Oaks Regional Park Wedding

I had such a good time in California with Cynthia + Chuy at their Santiago Oaks Regional Park Wedding! Their venue had so much to offer. I personally love out door wedding; especially when its in California! Everyone knows that Cali weather is always awesome. But lets just say this October wedding didn’t have the best climate. We knew it was going to be a rainy day but we had our fingers crossed it wouldn’t pour on us, and guess what… everything turned out great. We captured some beautiful images that they can look back to in years and reminisce. As an example to one thing I always like hearing is on how they met and the lovey dovey details on how it all started! it is from Chuy’s words.


Cupid has been a romantic folk tale that has been around for centuries. In our case it was Ricky’s wife Aileen who played the part of Cupid, who is also my wife’s best friend, and my cousin. It was truly love at first sight, but there was many obstacles to overcome. Distance, conflicting schedules from work/school, and the fact that FaceTime was our virtual physical presence. However, one day I decided to surprise Cynthia by finally seeing her face to face physically. Seeing each other in person solidified that we were soul mates that are were created to be together for eternity. For a year we dated long distance by seeing each other once a month for two days at most. Although, it was extremely difficult to be in a long distance relationship, the love that we had for each was so powerful and unique that it made the sun seem like it rose everyday with a smile knowing that true love was in the air. After a year, we moved in together and reality struck. There was many hardships like any other relationships, but like my father would always say, “true love can change the world for the better and that my son is worth fighting for rain or shine.” Months later, after receiving the blessing from my wife’s family and mine, god made a day so beautiful that I had to propose. Forward it to October 13, 2018 and after months of planning our perfect wedding, the unpredictable happened, it was raining on the place it never rains (Southern California)! Legend says that there are moments in the world when Mother Nature cries tears of joy, when she is witnessing two soulmates that vow that they will love each other unconditionally until the end of time. Ironically on such a gloomy day, I felt that the flowers never smelled better and the day could have been more perfect. October 13, 2018 is the best day of my life.




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