Ricky + Jennifer Downtown Phoenix Engagement Session

May 30, 2018

“Ricky + Jennifer Downtown Phoenix Engagement Session”

I’m excited to have Ricky + Jennifer Downtown Phoenix Engagement Session on the blog today. I had the chance to spend the weekend with Ricky + Jennifer to photograph their Downtown Phoenix Engagement Session! I have to agree, I am loving the images that we were able to capture, and the genuine love that these two have for each other! Here is the short version on how they met and fell in love in Jennifer’s point of view…


” Ricky and I met while in grad school. I was living in Tucson at the time and he was in Phoenix, we were both attending classes at the University of Arizona in downtown Phoenix ( Bear down! ). It didn’t take long before we were each traveling between the two towns every weekend.

In Ricky’s version of the story, he says, we met on the first day of orientation. But I ignored him. Then later, he tried to make plans, but I cancelled on him at the last moment (only kinda true).
I remember it a little differently. He caught my eye a couple months down the road. I kept catching him staring at me in class! Finally, after our first exam, we went out to celebrate with friends and we had a blast. Too much fun! Everything just clicked, I loved his sense of humor and generosity. We always have so much fun together and we keep eachother challenged to continuously grow, but to stick true to our values.
Since meeting, we have completed our MBA’s together,  traveled the world, and gotten promotions at our jobs. But our biggest adventure yet is set for December 8th.  We cannot wait! “
We had a great time with Ricky + Jennifer Downtown Phoenix Engagement Session! We are so happy that they selected Good Eye Photography to photograph the begging of their engagement session!!

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